Skepsis Consultants

"Strategic thinking for
        sustainable development and growth."


growing together


Strategic approach

Our company focuses in sustainable development and strategic plans offering a variety of specialized and customized services and solutions to our clients.

Our business model is tailored to the needs of our customers ensuring coaching and knowledge transfer to reach out from top to the bottom.


"Bridging the gap between knowledge and customer needs."



VISION & mission


It is our vision...

- to match our skills to the needs of our customers

- to support our clients to further develop their core competences utilizing
  our knowledge and experience

- to work hard for making business prosperous and fair

It is our mission ...

to diffuse specialized knowledge for life quality improvement of individuals, but most importantly, of society.


Consulting services

Tailored services

in the real estate & industrial sector


Real Estate &
Spatial Development


Strategic Environmental Assesments & Project Management


Industry &
Engineering solutions

Knowledge transfer, 
Life coaching & mentoring


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